Friday, 22 June 2012

Wayne Enterprises vs BANE Capital

A nice take on the homonymity between TDKR's Bane and Mitt Romney's Bane Capital people are bound to make in what is a tumultuous year, with a slightly beleaguered President Obama up for reelection in November.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

One month to go!

Self-explanatory: one month to go until the epic of the year graces our screens. Sorry for those who lost out to the hax at imax though:

Beware in future!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Gambol's fatal gamble

'And I thought MY jokes were bad!'

The classic scene: the Joker abruptly enters and sneers contemptuously at the disorganised shambles that is the mobs' attempt at a "group therapy" session. As incensed as Gambol is, such rage is at the same time perhaps what holds him back from properly "teaching the Joker some manners" after he has robbed their assets. The powerful, proud, and intimidating Gambol should have said 'Give me a reason why I shouldn't pull your head off' but in all his rage he fatally errs in defering the task to somebody else and thereby setting the stage for the Joker to emasculate him later as he instead chooses to say 'Give me a reason why I shouldn't have my boy here pull your head off'. The incompetent thug Gambol naively if not rashly sends to meet his needless demise through unwittingly volunteering in the Joker's "magic trick", did not look half as threatening nor as brutal as Gambol himself. If the big boss himself had volunteered - preferably silently - only then may the Joker have been at the receiving end of the demonstration of power that was due.

A fatal gamble indeed.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Alfred betrays Bruce/Batman - The Dark Knight Rises - A Stab in the Heart

 'I did warn you about compassion'

Of all Batman's assets which inspire awe among the audience, none should rank so high as the unswerving loyalty and compassion of the Waynes' devoted butler and confidante Alfred Pennyworth. He is a blessing to the Wayne family, who are already comfortable in their position among the higher echelons of Gotham's socioeconomic hierarchy. His role has been paramount not only to the parentally bereaved Bruce's efforts to fight crime but also in growing up struggling without the affection or guidance of his parents as a result of the injustice Bruce becomes determined to rectify. Alfred's genuine love for and unwavering loyalty to Bruce as well as to the Wayne family as a whole has stood the test of time and should be seen as remarkable for we are not provided with an explanation - at least in the case of Nolan's trilogy - for such extraordinary empathy as one may otherwise expect relative detachment from familial affairs. He is the best friend and only family to Bruce in what is a Gotham City rife with distrust. The very notion of treachery by Bruce's greatest asset and best friend would no doubt be a most cataclysmic and outrageous twist to the Dark Knight story; a stab in the heart.

Alfred's loyalty throughout Nolan's trilogy is ever appreciable as he affirms such when asked by Bruce in Batman Begins if he "still hasn't given up on him" and he plainly responds "Never". As the tension escalates later on in the film the ever dutiful Alfred is ready to rescue Bruce on the occasions of having been set alight by the Scarecrow as well as later on having been pinned down in the destruction of Wayne Manor by the vindictive R'as al Ghul and his ruthless League of Shadows. Such sentiments shall be revisited in The Dark Knight Rises when Alfred implores his reluctance to bury another member of the Wayne Family, describing Bruce as "precious to him" as he was to his own mother and father, and that he had sworn to protect him.

Alfred's betrayal by abandoning such intimate and unwavering commitment through hateful treachery is a stab in the heart indeed, for Alfred is the only family to an already bereaved and troubled Bruce. Falcone does warn Bruce that he has a lot to lose if he forgets about his "old butler", and the Joker's amusment should certify the impact of the stab in the heart with the perception of human contrition as only conditional, especially in a Gotham City rife with distrust.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Osito in 'The Dark Knight Rises' - Bane's teddy bear - June 2012 one month to go

The inclusion of this picture of a worn and tattered brown teddy bear on the plastic slip for the most recent TDKR edition of Empire Magazine should confirm tentative expectations that Osito - the furry ursine companion to the original comic book version of Bane - will make an appearance in the 'The Dark Knight Rises' as more details unravel in the run up to the next month despite the fact some key character traits of Bane have been abandoned.

Fans may recall the cameo of Osito in a passing state in the game "Batman: Arkham Asylum" as Batman comes closer to confronting Bane while trying to rescue Comissioner Gordon from Harley Quinn. While it is unlikely the bear will play an active role it is not impossible a cameo appearance of Osito - in this clearly similar vein to Arkham Asylum - will happen in TDKR as a nod to Bane's roots in "hell on earth".

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Your punishment must be more severe!

Thanks to the person who cut and uploaded this after I decided to see if it was on youtube. A pretty impressive moment which allows us to be acquainted with Bane's villainous nature and how it is conveyed.